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Would you like to know the secret to writing better insurance marketing letters?

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The Better Insurance Letter Checklist:

insurance-sales-letter Is the audience clearly identified in the first few lines of the letter? Does the reader immediately know that this insurance communication is written just for her?
insurance-sales-letter Is a strong emotional hook used to grab attention?
insurance-sales-letters Does the insurance sales letter begin strong – with a crescendo – and then maintain urgency and interest like a great novel?
sales-letters-for-insurance-agents Is urgency established? Does the reader feel he should take action right away … or else?
how-to-write-an-insurance-sales-letter Does the letter give more than one reason to take action? Does it appeal to a variety of motivations by presenting multiple arguments?
how-to-write-an-insurance-sales-letter Is authority established? Does the reader think the writer is an expert?
how-to-write-an-insurance-sales-letter Does the insurance sales letter include testimonials, statistics or third-party endorsements to boost credibility?
how-to-write-an-insurance-sales-letter Is the insurance marketing letter packed with action words – e.g. disappear, devastate, ruin ….?
how-to-write-an-insurance-sales-letter Is the insurance sales letter about the reader? Does the reader know for sure what’s in it for him?
how-to-write-an-insurance-sales-letter Have the features been transformed into meaningful benefits? Is the emotional hook woven into the benefits presentation?
how-to-write-an-insurance-sales-letter Are the words “You” and “Your” used more frequently than the words “We” and “Our?”
how-to-write-an-insurance-sales-letter Have you eliminated insurance jargon, catchphrases and big, hard-to-understand words? Is the letter easy to read?
how-to-write-an-insurance-sales-letter Is the insurance marketing letter personalized with the recipient’s name?
how-to-write-an-insurance-sales-letter Did you address and overcome all potential insurance buying objections?
how-to-write-an-insurance-sales-letter Is there a strong call to action and an offer that’s different from the standard free quote?
how-to-write-an-insurance-sales-letter Have you made it as easy as possible for the reader to respond?
how-to-write-an-insurance-sales-letter Does the P.S. stand alone? Will the reader get the point from the P.S. even if she never reads the letter?

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