Is Your E-mail Signature Building or Deterring Business?

Posted by Heather Sloan on Wed, Dec 29, 2010

Most insurance marketers agree that keeping up with best practices isn’t always easy. It seems like new trends are always emerging. For example, how is your phone number displayed in your e-mail signature? It may seem like a trivial question but with the rise of smart phones and insurance professionals checking their e-mails from the road, phone number format can be critical. If the format isn’t compatible with your prospect’s mobile device, you can create a missed opportunity for communication.

This issue was brought to my attention last week while corresponding with a potential client. He was out of the office but received my proposal over his smart phone. He wanted to discuss the specifics but when he clicked on the phone number in my e-mail signature, his phone wouldn’t initiate the call as it should.

Unfortunately, I was using a using a phone number format that was not compatible with his smart phone. I used a period or decimal point instead of a dash in my e-mail signature to delimit the phone number. I’ve learned my lesson, so now I’m passing a tip onto you – make sure to use dashes in your e-mail signature phone number.


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