Insurance Copywriting Tip: How to Build Urgency

7 March, 2017

Do not open until Christmas!

This simple warning creates a lot of desire. How can you achieve the same effect in your insurance marketing? It’s simple – build urgency into your marketing messages.

Urgency is a powerful promotional tool. It captures attention and drives people into action. A sense of urgency motivates your insurance prospects to make decisions quickly and purchase your product or service faster than they normally would.

Here are five simple ways to build urgency in your offers:

  • Set a deadline. A deadline, such as “Respond by February 1 to take advantage of this low, low price!” encourages customers to buy now instead of thinking about it or postponing the decision. Let prospects or customers know what will happen once the deadline passes.
  • Set a limit. For example, “This offer is valid only for the first 100 customers who reply.”
  • Imply scarcity. Sometimes the sheer mention of an offer’s popularity can be enough to build urgency and send prospects into a buying frenzy. Use phrases like “Appointments are going fast. Reply now for best service.”
  • Create a warning. Use warning labels to catch a client or prospect’s attention in proposals, e-mails, postcards, policies or other marketing materials. For example, I know an insurance professional who has created a classy foil warning sticker that he affixes to all insurance policies that says, “This policy is a valuable asset. Keep it in a safe location and do not let it lapse.” 
  • Provide “I wish I would have known” testimonials. Testimonials provide a compelling reason for your prospect to believe in your product or service. Build urgency by demonstrating the potential upside of buying now and the downside of waiting. People tend to respond with a sense of urgency when they know the potential consequences of inaction.

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