Insurance E-newsletters: Avoid the Sales Pitch

Posted by Heather Sloan on Tue, May 11, 2010

If you’re an insurance professional who sends an e-newsletter to keep in contact with clients, you have two choices: You can either tell them how great you are or you can show them how great you are. In my experience, it’s best to show them by providing helpful, timely information and leaving the sales pitch at the door.

Your insurance e-newsletter should contain news or information that’s of interest to your customer. If your communication consists of nothing but pushy sales talk, it won’t take but a few seconds for your client to move your message to the trash.

Below is a quick list of insurance e-newsletter ideas that will capture your customer’s interest:

  • Write up a story about a problem a client had and how you solved that problem
  • Do an expert interview, centered around a widespread pain point or problem
  • Provide compelling statistics to build the need for a featured product or service

If you’d like to gauge interest or promote interactivity, consider including an offer for a free report or case study, or build in an interactive poll. It’s also OK to include a link to request service or a quote, but make sure those links are secondary to the primary content (helpful information).

Remember, by avoiding the sales pitch and focusing on the facts, your expertise will sell itself.

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