Why Smart Insurance Brokers Use Case Studies

Posted by Heather Sloan on Tue, Feb 02, 2010

Which is more effective?

A. Our web development services will optimize your online presence, generating more sales and improving your bottom line.

B. After using InsuranceCopywriting.com, we secured two new large clients within 60 days of launching our new Web site. Now, we’re on track to exceed our sales goal by 10 percent!

Example B, of course! It’s always more effective to hear about real people with real success. That’s why case studies – otherwise known as client success stories – are one of the best ways to promote your insurance services. They’re often more persuasive than brochures and traditional sales collateral.

Stories create connections. They provide a common thread, enabling us to learn more about products or services or experiences from others. A case study is a unique way to tell the tale of how you solve problems for your clients. Start by hooking your insurance prospect with a relatable problem; present the solution and close with a happy ending. Do it right and your story will be the piece they hold onto for years, hand out to colleagues and give to friends with a sincere seal of approval.

A good case study will:

  • Build your brand
  • Boost your credibility
  • Improve client confidence
  • Sell more insurance!

Case studies are versatile because they can be used and reused in so many ways – they can be turned into ads, published articles, sales sheets, tradeshow giveaways, presentations and more. People can’t resist reading them – they’re dying to know what’s working for others in their industry. And while your audience is reading, your name recognition is growing, your credibility is climbing and the road is paved for sales success – all without the natural resistance and skepticism that traditional sales methods evoke.

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