Quick … What’s Your USP?

Posted by Heather Sloan on Tue, Jan 26, 2010

What the heck is a USP?
Unilaterally Special Purpose … Underlying Sales Power … Uncommonly Superior Price …

While these are all good guesses, the real meaning of USP is Unique Selling Proposition. It’s the most important differentiator you have – the reason you win sales and the threat that makes competitors quiver.

As an insurance professional, your company’s USP must be communicated in everything you do. When you introduce yourself, when you leave a brochure and when you deliver a sales presentation, the USP should sing loud and sing clear. You should know it without thinking about it. It should be at the top of your head, the tip of your tongue and the end of your pen.

My USP is insurance marketing expertise. There are many people with insurance expertise and many people with marketing expertise, but very few with insurance marketing expertise. Ta Da! My USP is the reason that I win most clients – most other ad agencies simply cannot compete. Now I ask you again … what’s yours? If you don’t know, consider a strategy intervention. Seriously, it’s THAT important.

Think hard. Dig deep. Ask clients. And whatever you do, don’t say “service.” Service is the anti-USP. It’s what everybody says. If you truly think your USP is service, define the aspect of service that makes you different and describe it in lively, interesting terms. Challenge yourself to achieve the “unique” part of the equation.

What’s the result of a precisely targeted USP? Unusually Superb Performance of course!

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