When it comes to sales letters, does size really matter?

Posted by Heather Sloan on Tue, Mar 24, 2009

When it comes to sales letters, does size really matter? This topic has been endlessly debated. Many experts say that a sales letter needs to be as long as it takes to paint a picture, convey a promise, offer proof and push for the close. In some cases, it takes one page. In other cases, it takes 12.

Other pundits say that it depends on the audience and on the product/service you’re selling. For example, consumers who are purchasing “want to have” items such as health and fitness products have a much higher tolerance for lengthy letters than business owners who need insurance. That’s because health and fitness consumers are emotionally invested. They really want to lose weight or rid themselves of high blood pressure so they’re willing to read a lot. On the other hand, business owners are time starved, they don’t really want to buy insurance – they have to. And, they want to spend as little time as possible doing so. So, with business to business, “have to have” purchases, short letters may be more effective.

What’s your experience? How long was your most effective sales letter?

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