How to Write Better Email Subject Lines

28 December, 2017

Ready to write better insurance email subject lines?
Use the questions and answers below as a quick guide.

Are short or long subject lines best?
Short. The best email subject lines are clear, concise and compelling. Although there is no golden rule, studies show that the current "sweet spot" for subject lines is roughly 65 characters including spaces. Think about it – your subject line has to capture your insurance prospect’s interest within seconds and give them a grabbing reason to open your email. By getting all the key elements of your message in 65 characters, you’ll maximize the message as well as the space provided. Various email platforms show them differently, so you may only have limited space in which to convey your message.

Are vague or specific subject lines best?
It depends. Best practices calls for specificity and usually, straightforward and specific email subject lines are most successful. Not only do they provide more accurate expectations for your insurance prospect but they also have a better chance of making it through the spam filters. However, there are always exceptions. Sometimes vague subject lines get more clicks. You never know how a group of prospects will respond to a certain subject line, as there are many variables to consider.

The bottomline? Test, test and test again. Using a specific or a vague headline is something you need to test for yourself in your own insurance email campaigns.

What words should be avoided at all costs?
Free, opportunity and limited time only. These are spam words, and if not deleted by a spam filter, will most likely have a negative affect on your open rates. As a rule of thumb, don’t try to sell in your subject lines. Instead, tell your insurance prospect about the email’s big idea in a catchy and compelling way. If you use power play phrases, then you become just like all the other insurance players and your prospect will be more likely to delete your email without a second thought. By keeping it fresh and simple, you’ll establish or convey credibility and build on the relationship. One final tip – remember to send your email through a spam checker.

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