Your B2B Content Marketing Strategy: 8 Key Shifts on the Horizon

Posted by Heather Sloan on Mon, Jan 04, 2021

Never was a New Year more welcome than in 2021. However, as content marketers, we know that COVID has changed everything. The content marketing strategies we so carefully developed a year ago were abandoned and must be completely revamped. Buyers will never again behave as they did before the pandemic.

As you roll out your B2B content marketing content strategy for 2021, don’t rely on pre-pandemic tactics. Rethink everything, keeping these eight shifts in mind:

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Five B2B Content Marketing Trends to Target Now

Posted by Heather Sloan on Thu, Apr 18, 2019

Bellbottoms. Feathered bangs. Dance fads and internet memes. Do these old trends make you cringe? It’s easy to dismiss trends as short-lived gimmicks, but here’s the deal: Some trends represent real change. The internet, for example, might have seemed trendy when it first emerged, but now it’s transformed nearly every aspect of modern life.

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Infographic: Top B2B Content Marketing Trends

Posted by The Inbound Team on Thu, Feb 16, 2017

There’s a lot happening in B2B content marketing trends this year. Content marketing is an increasing popular choice, and companies are spending more money on it. Only 6 percent of companies would describe their content marketing efforts as sophisticated, but progress is being made, and companies with a documented strategy are more likely to see positive results.

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