Podcast Scripts

Are you looking for a new type of content to engage and educate audiences? Consider podcasts!

According to Statista, approximately 88 million people in the U.S. listened to podcasts in 2019, and this figure is expected to soar to more than 160 million by 2023.

Podcasts are one the hottest new types of content, and for good reason.

Podcasts can be fun, educational and engaging, and they’re not very difficult to produce – as long as you have a good script.

What are podcasts?

Podcasts are a type of audio content. You can compare them to radio shows, but unlike traditional radio, podcasts are usually published online and are available on demand.

Podcasts are also a little like videos, which have become very popular as well, but they lack visual elements.
Although this may seem like a drawback at first, it can actually be an advantage for two reasons:

• Creating visual content can take a lot of work, and not all content requires it.
• Podcasts are well-suited to times when watching a video would be impractical –
like when you’re driving to work in the morning.

Many people enjoy listening to podcasts during their commute or while they exercise –
but podcasts are also well-suited for the B2B market.

Businesses can use podcasts to educate audiences on products, services and current issues in a convenient and engaging format.

Are your ready to embrace the power of podcasts? 
It’s easy with podcast scripts from Inbound Insurance Marketing.