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There was a time when insurance blogs were considered fluffy and nice to have, but that’s about it. Not anymore. Today, insurance blogs are the workhorses of content marketing strategies.

If you have doubts, consider these statistics from the 2011 Hubspot report, “Lead Generation Lessons from 4,000 Businesses.” 

  • Businesses with over 200 blog articles on their websites got 4.6 times more traffic than those with fewer than 20 blog posts.
  • B2B businesses that blogged 16 to 20 times a month got three times more leads that those who didn’t blog.
  • Businesses with websites with 401 to 1,000 web pages have six times more leads than those with 51 to 100 web pages. (Hint: the easiest way to quickly add pages is by blogging.)

Yes, these numbers are high. Most insurance organizations don’t publish 16 blog articles a month. However, we have found that even publishing one blog article a week can significantly improve insurance website and lead generation results. In fact, an active insurance blog may be your insurance website’s greatest asset.

Insurance blogs …

1. Keep insurance website content fresh
2. Build and expand your Internet footprint by adding keyword-rich pages every week
3. Attract more inbound links and insurance website traffic
4. Provide valuable information to post out to social media venues
5. Direct readers to your landing pages to download more information, driving a steady stream of insurance lead generation 

Here’s the one big catch: Your content must be high quality, keyword-rich and ORIGINAL.

If you’re interested in high quality insurance blog articles that your executives will proud to put their names on, Inbound Insurance Marketing is a partner you can trust. Every insurance blog article is custom-written according to your specifications and editorial schedule.

Contact us to learn more about our blog writing subscriptions. And, if you’re writing blog articles in-house, make sure to download our Sure Success Checklist for Writing Remarkable Blog Articles.  Like the infographic below? Visit our insurance infographics page to get a custom infographic designed for your company! 


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