Insurance Copywriting, B2B Copywriting and Design

Would you like to strengthen your results without increasing your marketing budgets?
Powerful communication by veteran copywriters and designers may be your answer.

At Inbound Insurance Marketing, we work in the insurance and B2B marketing and communication trenches every day.
Therefore we have a unique ability to distill complex business jargon into reader-friendly, persuasive copy for policyholders, prospects, distribution partners and investors.
As our client, you will spend less time explaining your needs and more time enjoying the benefits of compelling insurance copywriting and design: strong return on investment.

With every copywriting and design project, you can count on: 

• Powerful, benefit-blasting headlines to grab your audience’s attention.
• Persuasive copy that convinces your target market that you’re THE best choice.
• Creative, unique ideas to connect you with your audience via lead generation, branding, accident prevention and customer retention campaigns.
• Keyword-rich content to support your search engine optimization goals.
• Eye-catching professional design to represent your company at its best.

Our B2B copywriting and insurance copywriting services include:

blog writing, social post writing, white paper writing, case study development, bio writing services, email marketing,
client onboarding emails, landing pages, press releases,newsletters, infographics, ghostwriting for insurance executives and more.

Finally, you’ve found a team of copywriters and designers who understand your industry AND will do the job right – on time, on budget, and on target!

Want to test your own copywriting knowledge? 

Read the B2B Copywriting Guide to 20 Grammar Goofs below.
How many of these mistakes do you make?