Insurance Marketing Postcards

Getting in front of prospects is challenging. Postcards are one more tool to build top-of-mind brand awareness.

Email marketing plays an important role, but it can only take you so far. Roughly 15-50% of email is opened. The rest is caught by spam filters and junk mail. That means that some of your best prospects never see the messages you send. If you know a prospect's physical address, postcards can close the gap.


Four postcard marketing ideas:

  1. Use postcards to remind your distribution network of new campaigns, product releases or sales contests.
  2. Provide postcard templates that agents can easily customize and send to their prospects.
  3. Add postcard outreach to all your campaigns. Any message that you  communicate via email will also work well in a postcard.
  4. Send postcards once a month to stay top-of-mind with customers, brokers or prospects. When they finally need what you offer, they'll think of you first.


How we make postcard marketing easy:

Tell us your goals, and we will develop copy and design to powerfully communicate your message. We typically recommend using a "SUMO" size postcard that stands out in the mailbox. It's important that your postcard includes a clear call to action - usually using a QR code to direct them to a landing page online.

We recommend partnering with a print/mail partner for execution. We simply send them the design file and your mailing list and they take care of everything else.