Press Release Writing Services

A press release is the best vehicle to get your company into the the news - and it all starts with a well-written release.


While that may sound easy, it can be challenging if you don't have an experienced copywriter on your team. IIM is the go-to press release writing team for insurance and insurtech organizations. That's because we know the industry and how to speak about insurance products and services. 


Our press releases include:

  • An attention grabbing headline that incorporates keywords for your industry 
  • A compelling lead paragraph that quickly conveys your message with the 5 Ws - what, who, where, when and why 
  • An interesting story with quotes from key players to capture your audience's attention
  • A clear call to action so readers know what to do next
  • A well-written ABOUT US paragraph, if you don't already have a standard boilerplate

Press releases are a great way to regularly showcase your brand. Ideally, you should publish at least one press release a month.


What should you share in a press release? 

  • New product or service releases
  • Successful customer launches or partnerships
  • New team member announcements
  • Notable philanthropic work
  • The achievement of key milestones
  • Proprietary research, statistics or study results
  • Recognition earned

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Press Release Writing Services

What is the process for getting a press release written?

It’s simple. First, you contact us to discuss your needs. We’ll schedule a convenient time to interview you by phone – it usually takes 20 minutes or less, and you’ll be provided with a question list beforehand so it’s easy to prepare. Then we’ll send you a draft of the press release. You’ll have a chance to review it and let us know what refinements you’d like to see. Then we’ll send you the final version.

What is the best length for a press release?

A standard press release is typically 500 words. In some cases, you may need more space to fully articulate the message. We can write your release to any length needed. Press distribution companies may charge more for releases that are longer than 500 words.

Are you a PR firm?

IIM is not a PR firm. A PR firm has relationships with media outlets and leverages those relationships to get media coverage. We do not manage the PR process - we simply develop industry-relevant content that can be used by PR pros and press distribution companies. While a PR firm may have contacts in the insurance industry, they may not have insurance copywriters on their team. We close the gap.

How do I get my release to the press?

To maximize your success, it's important to partner with a press release distribution service such as They get your message out to a curated list of reporters, bloggers and influencers in your targeted industry.

What are some things to avoid in a press release?

Don't put out a press release unless you have something truly newsworthy to say. Editors will quickly grow tired of seeing content that reads like an advertisement. Also, keep to the facts and avoid anything gimmicky. Be sure that all information in the release can be substantiated.