Grow with Inbound Insurance Marketing

When it’s time to choose an ad agency to assist with your B2B insurance marketing, you have a wide range of options – including the hipsters in their downtown lofts, the sharp dressers in glass high-rises, and the 20-something freelancers with little to no business experience. Or, you can make the practical choice and partner with Inbound Insurance Marketing. 

True, practical sounds a little boring … until you realize that practical means laser focus on what matters most – profitable growth. We believe that every insurance marketing effort should support your corporate goals of profitably growing and retaining business.

Inbound Insurance Marketing President, Heather Sloan, grew up in the corporate insurance world in an environment that demanded fact-based decisions – not just from the underwriting manager, but also from the marketing manager. Today, Heather and her team help insurance clients apply the same high level of discipline to their B2B marketing efforts, continuously evaluating cost-per-exposure, goal alignment, and potential ROI.

Smart Insurance Marketing for 27 Years

Heather began her insurance career back in 1994, leading the marketing communications team for a fast-growth commercial P&C specialty carrier owned by one of the world’s largest international insurers. When the specialty segment was sold in 2004, Heather “flew the nest” and established, providing copywriting services for a wide range of insurance and banking clients across the nation. Along the way, Heather built on her property/casualty insurance foundation, becoming knowledgeable in life/health lines as well. It turned out that many insurance clients needed more than just great copywriting, so it wasn’t long before Heather expanded her services becoming an off-site insurance marketing manager for companies big enough to need sophisticated marketing – but not quite big enough to hire an in-house team.

Inbound Marketing Certification

In 2011, InsuranceCopywriting became a HubSpot-certified inbound marketing agency. Deploying inbound strategies, InsuranceCopywriting began to generate more leads than the company could handle – up to 120 in one month! And so, in 2012 Heather revamped – adding new team members; adjusting the service offering; and renaming the company Inbound Insurance Marketing to reflect the broader service scope.

Every member of the Inbound Insurance Marketing team works from a home office. We efficiently serve insurance clients in every corner of the nation (and sometimes around the world) via the Internet – using GoToMeeting for visual presentations. This practical, no-frills approach keeps overhead low so we don’t have to charge the big bucks like the big agencies. In addition, we offer a predominately flat-fee pricing structure for greater transparency so clients always know what to expect.

Is Inbound Insurance Marketing the Right Choice for You?

• Do you market to businesses and/or insurance brokers?
• Would you like an insurance-specialized marketing partner?
• Are you interested in exploring digital inbound marketing strategies – using blogging, social media, and a content-rich website?
• Does a practical, results-focused approach appeal to you?
• Are you comfortable working together virtually, instead of face-to-face?

If you answered “yes” to all of these questions, we may be the right insurance marketing partner for you. We offer you depth of insurance experience, practical and proven solutions, high-quality communication, and cutting-edge inbound insurance marketing ideas.