Generate leads and engage visitors
with downloadable insurance white papers

Insurance white papers, guides and checklists showcase your expertise, woo prospects and win sales. These stealthy rainmakers aren't just for IT geeks!

In fact, if you’re reading these words, chances are high that you’ve seen our insurance white paper offer. You might have even taken the next step to request our free report, "Ten Marketing Mistakes that Are Costing YOU Sales Right Now!" A lot of people do.

And when they do, they are in essence, volunteering to step into our sales cycle. They agree to give us a name, e-mail address, phone number and mailing address in exchange for this valuable information. This is information that we would never receive otherwise. Without our insurance white paper offers, visitors would leave our site empty-handed, robbing us of the opportunity to follow up with them.

Does this scenario sound familiar? If so, allow to us to introduce you to a reliable, yet often-overlooked rainmaking tool – the insurance white paper.

Many people think white papers are for techies and geeks. Not true. In reality, the white paper is an insurance marketer’s best friend, because it represents a very compelling offer that leads to an easy first YES. As you know, business people are information-hungry. They are constantly searching for ways to do their jobs faster, smarter and better. They will respond to a small offer for valuable information much faster than they’ll volunteer x-dates.

If you feel overwhelmed by the prospect of creating an insurance white paper, never fear. We'll interview you by phone and will allow you to brain-dump your expertise into the trusty digital recorder. Then, we’ll transform your thoughts into a very compelling report with a catchy title. Once your report is ready, you’ll find countless ways to use it. Here are a few examples:

  • A lead generation offer to place on your brochures and on your Web site
  • A trade show or convention handout
  • A sales leave behind
  • A drip marketing, “thought-you-might-be-interested” mailer
  • A speaking topic and presentation handout
  • A background material for a published article
  • An offer to include in a lead nurturing email to entice a repeat interaction

As you can see, the insurance white paper is a tool you can’t afford to live without. Yours can be ready in just 10 days, if you contact us now.