GO VISUAL with insurance infographics

Let's face it. Insurance is boring and pretty complicated too.

To really catch the attention of our prospects and policyholders, and to compete with all the other messages out there, we need to simplify communication and "fun" things up a bit.

That's where insurance infographics come in.

Infographics help you GO VISUAL with otherwise boring content. They simplify complex messages and hook readers with engaging graphics. Can you think of a better way to explain a loss prevention tip or the inner-workings of a complicated coverage? Neither can we. That's why we've added insurance infographics to our arsenal of insurance marketing solutions.

Our custom-designed 8.5 x 11 infographics are available for an introductory rate of $499 if you provide the copy and for $699 if we write your message. They are fully branded with your logo and colors.

See two completely different examples of our "BUSINESS OF BLOGGING" infographic below.

Interested? Complete the form to the right to start a conversation about your custom insurance infographic project. Your policyholders and prospects will think you are SO forward-thinking and cool!

Two ways to explain the business of blogging via infographic:

(click to see full PDFs)

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