Insurance Marketing Mistake #3: Succumbing to Self Absorption

Posted by Heather Sloan on Thu, Oct 29, 2015


Pop Quiz!

Grab one of your insurance organization's best marketing pieces. Count the number of times it mentions your company name, your product or service or “we.” Then, count the number of times it says “you,” “your,” or mentions the customer. Compare the totals. Which group had more mentions – your company or your audience? Most insurance marketing pieces talk significantly more about the seller than the buyer. Effective pieces talk about the buyer at least as many times as they talk about the seller.

How Dinner Party Etiquette Applies to Marketing

Marketing is about influencing decisions and winning clients. Dale Carnegie is famous for teaching students how to win friends and influence people. His advice for doing this includes making others feel important and appreciated by showing interest, saying their names, soliciting their opinions, and asking them questions. These principles work well at dinner parties and in marketing. People love to talk about themselves. That’s why the words “you” and “your” are two of the most effective words in advertising. Use them.

Practice Makes Perfect

Write down a few of the “we” sentences that you found in your insurance marketing piece. Now, try transforming the “we” sentences into “you” sentences. For example, “We offer the lowest prices” becomes “Discover how much money you can save with our lowest price guarantee.” See the difference? The first sentence is about you. The second sentence is about your reader.

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