Three Insurance Marketing Ideas to SPRING in March

6 March, 2012


Ready to watch your insurance sales blossom? Below are three tried and proven strategies to help you GROW.

Here in Portland, the trees are budding, the sun is peeking through the clouds, and daylight savings time begins this weekend. Yikes! There's no denying that time is zooming by - are your insurance marketing ideas zooming along too?

As we begin the third month of the year, it stands to reason that we should be on track to complete at least 25 percent of our sales and marketing goals. For me, that means a few new insurance marketing white papers, at least one more insurance lead nurturing campaign, and insurance blog posts at least twice a week. What does your plan include?

If you're looking for solid insurance marketing ideas, here are three to consider:

  1. Insurance Website Traffic Building: I can't over-emphasize the importance of regular, keyword-targeted insurance blog articles. Write a topic schedule for the month of March and stick to it. Focus on high potential keywords, so every blog article improves your standings in the search engines. With regular blog and social media posts, I was able to double the traffic coming to my insurancecopywriting site during the month of February. I'm hoping for a similar improvement in March. You can do it too! For more ideas, dowload our insurance blogging checklist.
  2. Insurance Lead Generation: If you want to generate leads, your site has to offer insurance white papers and other compelling offers. Very few people come to your insurance website ready to buy. Why are they there? Because they're ready to learn ... about you, about their options, and about how to make a smart buying decision. If you want them to eventually buy from you, you have to be ready to educate them and make them sales ready. You should add one or two new offers (white papers, checklists, case studies, etc.) to your insurance website every month. If you do, your insurance lead generation will be off the charts! To learn more about how landing pages and offers can influence your results, download our insurance lead generation lessons report.
  3. Insurance Lead Nurturing: In the old days, when someone requested my free report, I would send it to them. Then what? Nothing. If they didn't take the initiative to contact me again, I probably wouldn't contact them, unless they had subscribed to my newsletter. What a wasted opportunity! Now, when someone requests an insurance white paper, I set up an insurance lead nurturing campaign (in the form of insurance email marketing) to offer them other helpful materials every 20 days or so. Does it work? Absolutely. Now, at least 50% of my active leads have requested two more pieces of information from me. Some have requested more than six things. These are the people who have high sales-readiness because I've taken the time to educate them. If you don't have an insurance email marketing system, you can achieve the same thing the old fashioned way with insurance letters, and/or a quarterly branded magazine.  A combination of off-line and online activities is usually best. Learn more about inbound insurance marketing strategies.