Insurance Marketing Idea: Four Twitter Tips to Expand B2B Reach

Posted by Sarah Rambeau on Thu, Jun 06, 2013

Insurance-Marketing-IdeaTwitter is an excellent social media outlet to use for B2B marketing but it can be confusing to determine the most effective approach. A unique balance of diverse content, hashtag strategies and engagement among followers and interests is necessary. Keep reading to learn how can add Twitter to your insurance marketing strategy. 

1.  Follow the Rule of Thirds.

It’s tempting to tweet out everything your insurance company can offer, but restrain yourself! Twitter members are most responsive to helpful, unique content. Twitter is a place to show your company’s personality and leadership within the insurance community.

  • Post a wide variety of content including:
    • Links to your company blog
    • Industry news articles
    • Community service and involvement
    • Notes of congratulations to others you follow
    • Updates on industry events (like what’s happening at the tradeshow you’re attending)
    • Motivational quotes and other inspiration
    • Thought-provoking questions
    • How to tips and words of advice
    • Announce special promotions, webinars, podcasts and company awards.
  • Remember the rule of thirds: Your posts should break out as follows:
    • One-third of your posts should feature informative content about the insurance field
    • One-third of your posts should be engagement with others’ content (Retweeting posts)
    • One-third of your posts should be company-specific content, including the personality posts and sales marketing tweets.

2.  Keep it Concise.

Informative, interesting and engaging content is crucial across all social media outlets, but can be especially challenging when the delivered message must be less than 140 characters. Here are a few tips to keep your tweets short and sweet:

  • Write short, powerful headlines.
  • Post tweets that are roughly 120 characters to allow followers to Retweet without cutting off the original text.
  • Use shortened URLs to preserve characters.
  • Remember to leave room for your hashtags.

3.  Incorporate Hashtags.

Twitter originated the use of hashtags as a search option in 2009 and they are still as important as ever. The point of a hashtag is to use a simple word or short phrase that will be searched for or of interest to a certain audience. Examples include #insurance, #businessinsurance and #salesideas.

  • Add only one or two relevant hashtags to each Tweet.
  • Change the hashtag words frequently (unless you are marketing a specific campaign) by using both broad and specific terms to reach the highest possible number of Twitter members.
  • Relate the hashtags to the message in your content. Determine the audience who would most likely enjoy this specific message and ask yourself, “What single word could they be looking for?”

4.  Engage Frequently.

It’s essential to show frequent activity on your Twitter feed by posting updates, retweeting posts from people and companies you follow and responding to mentions. Mentions are when a follower uses your handle (ex. @insuranceompany) to send you a message.

  • If a follower asks a question and directs it to your company by mentioning your Twitter handle, answer in a timely manner. It’s best to respond by end of the day.
  • When posting relevant articles, be sure to mention the Twitter handle of the newspaper or company, especially if it is a big name such as The New York Times or The Washington Post.

Twitter can be an extremely useful tool in your insurance marketing strategy when used effectively. Follow these simple guidelines for positive results.

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