Insurance Marketing: How to Use Google Plus for B2B

21 July, 2014

The trick to inbound insurance marketing is to make sure that people can find you. While a lot of social networks make this task easier, few are as important as Google Plus for B2B. Although you might not think of this social media site as a necessary cog in your strategy, the truth is that it will probably help you to attract more clients than any other social site out there. In fact, a recent report found that users of the service reported more positive interactions with brands than they did on Facebook, and fewer negative interactions than on Twitter. When it comes to approachability, it would appear that social media denizens feel more comfortable reaching out to businesses and brands on Google+ than they do on any of the other major networks on the web.

With this in mind, it’s easy to see why you should start thinking about making Google Plus a part of your insurance marketing game plan. If the whole idea behind your strategy is to get people to come to you, what better way than by becoming an active member of a community that is quickly becoming one of the most approachable networks in the social media universe? In addition to being the preferred choice for business and brand communications, Google’s service also provides a variety of helpful tools that make insurance marketing collaboration and connection easier than ever.

By becoming an influential member of the Google+ community, you’ll not only make yourself more visible on their social network, you’ll also become more visible on the Internet as a whole. Start by joining this Insurance Inbound Marketing community and then join communities that include your business prospects.

This helpful infographic, contributed by tollfreeforwarding, will take you through the process of becoming more active. Make Google+ a part of your inbound insurance marketing strategy and you’ll see more customers in no time!