Want to Be A Thought Leader? Hire An Insurance Ghostwriter.

12 July, 2016

There are some executives that seem to be in the press all the time. Their insurance articles are in trade journals, online insurance news portals and Linkedin. Ever wonder how they find the time? I’m here to tell you … they usually don’t. There’s a secret force behind every great insurance thought-leader. That force is an insurance ghostwriter.

How does insurance ghostwriting work?

It’s pretty simple. You find someone who knows the industry, knows how to listen and who can transform your unique thoughts into compelling insurance articles. With the right ghostwriter, insurance executives can author an article within the time frame of a 20-minute phone interview. The ghostwriter pens the article under the executive’s byline.  

A good insurance ghostwriter will help you:

  • Brainstorm potential article topics
  • Identify target magazines and research editorial schedules
  • Reach out to magazine editors to secure commitments
  • Transform your thoughts and ideas into compelling articles
  • Re-purpose your published articles into client handouts and other useful tools
  • Establish yourself as an industry leader

Executives who are interested in growing their careers should strive to be published at least two to three times a year. When you’re a published author, others notice. Over time, you begin to receive speaking invitations, award nominations and career opportunities. By publishing insurance articles, you  build your resume and showcase your expertise.

A few more tips about publishing insurance articles:

  • Editors will only accept insurance articles that are NOT self-promotional. Do not plan to write about your company, your products or your services. You will have one “about the author” paragraph in which to share a little about yourself and your company.
  • Don’t worry that you aren’t overtly marketing your company in your articles. Many executives say they receive higher quality leads through insurance article marketing than they do through advertising.
  • Editors prefer insurance articles that have a “how to” angle. They strive to help their readers do their jobs better and to be chosen as an author, you have to do the same.
  • Steer clear of magazines that offer article space to those who advertise. Most quality magazines do not engage in this practice. Most will not pay you for your insurance article – writing is a service you offer them free of charge, with the upside of gaining thought leadership and publicity.
  • There are no guarantees. Usually, an editor will confirm that he wants your article and he will tell you in which  month it will run. However, if something better comes up, he may decide to postpone running your article.
  • Every magazine has an editorial calendar that displays the topic rotation for the year. Editors are more likely to accept articles that fall within each month’s theme.
  • Your content must be original. Most editors expect you to place the article with their magazine exclusively.

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